Hello there! Welcome to your guide to cultivating mindfulness in about 10 minutes a day or more, of course, if you wish! This guide is your written accompaniment to the course which if you follow the steps will help you start, and maintain, an effective and enjoyable meditation practice and one that can make a positive difference in your life. 

Along with lots of guided practice, the course has some essential concepts and approaches to working in meditation as well as suggestions for overcoming some of the common challenges that arise in meditation in general and in particular with the Mindfulness of Breathing meditation practice.

The course is divided into Steps, each one covering a key element of an effective meditation practice

  1. Start, try it, acknowledge any resistances and sit and see what happens, set up the right conditions for you! 
  2. Train in the technique, ger to know what happens when you introduce a tried and tested structure
  3. Explore the nature of your mind, the nature of your experience in and out of meditation 
  4. Practise off the cushion, practice off the cushion, practice in community.

Each step has: 

  • A short teaching video for each week day
  • Short accompanying guided meditations so you can get an experiential feel of the theme explored 
  • A suggested off the cushion practice, something you can do in the course of your day that will increase your awareness and concentration 
  • Longer guided audio meditations that you can download on your device.

It will make the most sense if you do the course step-by-step, one session at a time, and give yourself enough time to try each of the suggested practices before moving onto the next video. 

These resources are yours to keep, so take your time, but also try to keep up the momentum by committing to doing something each day. Enjoy!

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